A former Halliwells lawyer has accepted a job at a rival law firm Gateley. After spending more than a year suing them.

As first reported in the Manchester Evening News, Emma Nutbeen was a legal services director at Halliwells when it disappeared up its own arse last year. Manchester outfit Gateley hired a team from the defunct firm - but it left out Nutbeen who launched a claim for unfair dismissal.

As the case lumbered on, Nutbeen secured a role in the Manchester office of Heatons, before moving just one week ago to Berg Legal as head of its IP team. But then her case against Gateley settled out of court this week, and as part of the deal she has been offered a job at the firm.

So Berg Legal is left looking for a new head of IP. And Nutbeen gets to enjoy working for a firm she has spent a year suing. That'll be fun for all.

    Emma Nutbeen making friends all over Manchester yesterday 

A spokeswoman for Berg Legal said that Nutbeen "had a long running claim, for over 12 months, against Gateley following its acquisition of the Manchester practice of Halliwells. This has now been resolved by the settlement, and we wish her well in the future". Presumably through gritted teeth.

A spokesman for Gateley said that Nutbeen's appointment was "an extremely positive outcome for everyone concerned and we look forward to working once again with a valued employee". Also presumably through gritted teeth.
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Anonymous 23 September 11 14:35

So they both lost.....

I can't understand why she didn't carry on working with Ian Austin.

Anonymous 29 September 11 12:08

I heard there were no gritted teeth which is not surprising seeings as Emma is a thoroughly lovely person and excellent lawyer. Gately are lucky to be getting her.