I picked up my younger daughters from school today, one of the many benefits of the new world of WFH. Their school is next to the Chinese Embassy on Portland Place. Opposite the embassy, 24 hours a day, rain or shine, there's a follower of Falun Gong quietly meditating on the pavement, protesting against the widespread killing and torture of his brethren by the Chinese state.

This afternoon there were several of them. Some were meditating.

Falun Gong

Some were waving flags and chanting.

Falun Gong

How it must have irked those inside the embassy, so obsessed with face. Remember the ridiculous ambassador earlier this year at a press conference, a picture of the Great Wall behind him, roundly abusing the West for criticising the Chinese government's secrecy over Covid and maintaining that it was nothing more than a sniffle? How's that working out for you, your Excellency?

The girls wanted to know what the commotion was about. Cue a lecture on the wickedness of the Chinese Communist Party and the importance of the right to peaceful protest. I stopped short of mentioning the pretty reasonable demands of a group that just wants to be left to meditate and exercise in peace rather than being locked up and butchered, their organs harvested for the families and friends of senior members of the party.

A lady walked up and down the pavement handing out leaflets. Everyone took them. She asked that anyone who had influence please use it to promote the cause. So I do. Here's the website. Please do what you can to bang the drum.




President Xi 01 October 20 21:57

You’re in trouble now Matthew! Don’t you poke the panda. Will have to send you to a re-education camp along with Winnie The Pooh. 

Casual observer 02 October 20 11:05

Falun Gong has been a regular fixture across the road from the embassy for some time.  Recently joining them have been protestors for the Uyghur minority from Xinjiang in Western China.  Expect more protests tocome.

KT 02 October 20 19:19

I first found out about this in 2014 and was blown away, then decided to read all I could about it. It's absolutely terrible what the CCP has been doing to their own people and people of faith.

I've met and talked with many people who do the practice. Truly kind and wonderful people. 

Sinri T Masson 03 October 20 08:05

Thank you for highlighting this very important, often neglected, subject. 

With the eyes of the world on China these days, due to Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Covid, it remains perplexing how the Genocide of Falun Gong practitioners (ongoing for over 20yrs) is unreported. 

If you would like to know more, please watch the following documentary:



Project Website:


Anonymous 30 October 20 04:46

Falun Gong are a cult plain and simple. They ask members to give up their livelihoods to work for below minimum wage at one of the many projects like Shen Yun or Epoch Times.

Anonymous 30 October 20 05:14

Suggest you read the following re: Falun Gong, they sound like a dangerous cult:


Anonymous 03 November 20 11:12

As a Chinese person, grew up in China and lived in England for most of my adulthood.  Falun Gong is comparable to Scientology. The only difference is they tried to get recognition as a legitimate religion by surrounding Zhongnanhai, the Chinese equivalent of Whitehouse or Downing Street.  Well, you do not f**k with CCP without any consequences. But yeah, other than that, they are pretty much a money grabbing cult.   

Joe 08 July 21 07:51

I am a lawyer based in HK, 20 years ago, sister of my grandmother was a member of Falun Gong in China, she was nearly 70 years old and got sick, her sons and daughters were also Falun Gong members, Fang Lungong members believe that medicine was evil and in confilct with it, as a result, she died in half a month without seeing docter.   this case isn't uncommon in China.  if you ask people in China, I believe 99% believe it is an evil cult.....