Here at RollOnFriday we crave your tips, they are our lifeblood and we love every source dearly. 

Furious insider, we love you too (we're certainly impressed by the celestial scale of your wrath) and your font size escalation game is on point. That being said, if drinking and flirting were a scandal RollOnFriday would have 5,000 stories to post every week. Nonetheless your single-minded anger is impressive/scary, so we're printing your scuttlebutt - just with the names removed.

Redacted person: someone out there really, really doesn't like you.


Anonymous 22 June 17 13:05

This looks like the sort of incoherent rambling which should be written in green biro. Bizarre.

Anonymous 12 June 17 18:57

It's the mixture of puritanism and American TV references I like. There's also some missing quote marks and a missing apostrophe in the third paragraph.

Anonymous 09 June 17 10:41

This sounds like just my kind of firm, apart from the bitchy poison pen colleague of course.