In an inspired combination of business and pleasure, Kirkland & Ellis is currently advertising a brand of Viagra to future trainees:

  K&E: Putting the firm back into law firm

As the spotter put it, "Doesn't sound so flexible to me".

Was it a hack? Was a sacked IT worker taking revenge (it would not be the first time)? Will trainees achieve the tumescence they demand? RollOnFriday asked Kirkland, but a spokesman declined to comment. Too busy pushing down an absolutely raging ten-hour boner. Healthymanviagra be strong.

Fingers crossed that boob-honking partner didn't get any.


Anonymous 27 May 17 18:51

As the unfortunate owner of an Android phone which had a habit of inserting random words (wherefore art though, BlackBerry!? I miss you!), I have to confess that I've probably made even worse autocorrect blunders.