It's important to pay your IT contractors on time. From Pride Solicitors' website:

I called to find out whether the prominent advert for generic Viagra was the work of a disgruntled employee or if the lawyers were just supplementing their income.

Receptionist: "Hello, Pride Solicitors."
Jamie: "Hi, I'm calling from the legal news website RollOnFriday. Is there anyone I can talk to about a press enquiry?"
The receptionist puts me on hold.
Receptionist: "He says he's calling from some company."
J: "It's me."
Receptionist: "Oh, it's you."
The receptionist puts me back on hold.
Receptionist: "You need to hang up and I'll call back, there's something wrong with the phone."
J: "You want me to hang up?"
Receptionist: "It's still you. No."
The receptionist puts me back on hold.
A man: "Hello."
J: "Hi, are you..who are you, please?"
Man: "Who are you?"
J: "I'm Jamie calling from RollOnFriday."
Man: "I am a solicitor."
J: "I wanted to speak to someone about the Viagra advert on your website."
Solicitor: "I'm not following you, sorry."
J: "Have you seen your website today?"
Solicitor: "Yes."
J: "There's an advert for Viagra just beneath his firm's logo."
Solicitor: "I haven't...let me go and check."
There is the sound of clicking.

Solicitor: "It wasn't there before. It wasn't there before. That's annoying."
J: "It's not intentional?"
Solicitor: "That's not the case."
There is a sudden transfer of the call.
Another man: "Hello?"
J: "Hello?"
Another man: "You're calling about the website?"
J: "Yes, who are you please?"
Another man: "Farouk."
J: "What's your position in the firm?"
Farouk: "I'm the director, yeah."
J: "I'm just wondering, have you paid your IT guys?"
Farouk: "Are you the IT contractor?"
J: "No, I'm calling from RollOnFriday."
Farouk: "You're not the contractor?"
J: "No. I'm not the contractor."
Farouk: "Yeah, he's been paid."
J: "Right."
Farouk: "It's because of page corrections, and mapping, the code."
J: "But do you know how the advert got on the site?"
Farouk: "I don't know. Our contractor, he's trying yeah, but I don't know whether he's able to do it."
J: "So you might be stuck with it?"
Farouk:  "It's really embarrassing. Yesterday I told him to mend it, and the day before. Now I am calling again and it's still there."
J: "It might be good for business."
Farouk (laughing): "No."
J: "Good luck."

The advert links to a defunct page on a Honduran photographer's website. It's not quite the Sony hack, but who knows where it could lead. Hopefully to some knock-off Viagra.

Thanks to the reader who let us know.


Anonymous 19 December 14 13:41

Or maybe the developer was working on many projects that day and updated the wrong site. Who knows what kind of "Personal Injury" statement is listed on a porn site, from Pride Solicitors; think of the confusion.

Anonymous 28 December 14 09:05

This is why lawyers should be taught basic HTML. You could fix that problem in under 1 minute.