In non-legal news, a German nudist has been photographed in his natural habitat chasing a wild boar.

The naked man was relaxing in a nudist park when a boar took the man's bag, which contained his laptop. The man pursued the wild animal, which was accompanied by her two piglets. Onlookers who were treated to the spectacle applauded when the nudist eventually retrieved his bag.

Adele Landauer photographed the chase and posted the pictures on social media, saying the naked man had given it his all, and was very focused. Landauer said that she showed the photos to the man, who laughed and gave her permission to publish the snaps. Luckily the photos are schwanz-free.

Here's his 15 minutes of fame. It's just missing a David Attenborough voice over.

boar 1

boar 2

boar 3

"Das ist meins"

A proud effort from Germany here, and more care-free than an embarrassed Brit chasing animals in a park



In related news... 14 August 20 10:42

"The boar ate my homework as it was on my laptop that it stole while I was sunbathing" tops German online schooling excuses list.

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