Brabners' website has been made a lot more interesting and now advertises "Busty Russian Brides".

The North West firm, which has offices in Liverpool, Manchester and Preston, appears unable to stop the flow of enticing offers appearing on its spin-off site,

Until January 2020, Brabners updates' on the site focused exclusively on matters pertaining to freezing orders, such as "Breach of a freezing injunction", and, "The Court does not have to approve variations to Freezing orders made by consent". 

But in January, a new author, 'brabners', took the reins and the range of topics considered by suddenly grew a lot wider. The first entries of 2020 saw the firm offering to write your essays:


'Brabners' quickly branched out into the genealogy of Native Americans, career tips for nursing and the latest in sore bum remedies:



It currently focuses exclusively on cryptocurrency and mail order brides:



Very few firms declare, "This is your chance to locate your doll", but that leaves all the more matchmaking opportunities for Brabners' online partners.

A recent entry asked, "Do you desire a spectacular foreign female who would certainly enjoy you and also whom you would adore?" Visitors were warned that, "Among skeptics, there is a viewpoint that dating on the web does not lead to secure, severe connections". Happily, "they are wrong". In fact, according to 'brabners', "This is a definitely reliable way to quickly locate your soulmate and locate the pleased domesticity you have been actually fantasizing about for so long".

Clients looking to freeze someone's assets are now strongly encouraged to visit instead, where they can buy a woman.


Asked to comment on its unintentional sideline in sex trafficking adverts, Brabners remained silent. Too busy pounding out an offer for cut-price Viagra.

UPDATE: A Brabners spokesperson later said, “Some external inappropriate content was posted by a third party on one of our spin-off websites due to a technical fault with WordPress, which hosts the site. This fault has also affected other businesses' sites hosted by WordPress. We have now disabled the website as a precaution and are investigating the issue. The main Brabners website is unaffected and no client or other data has been compromised.”

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Gobblepig 06 March 20 12:07

Based on my experience of dealing with Brabners, the quality of the legal work has probably substantially increased as a result of this take-over. 

SecularJurist 07 March 20 17:16

Any chance of obtaining some bootleg scotch, or a few crates of single malt and a few dozen bottles of Bordeaux directly from a bond?

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