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Jones Day is suspending a partner for suspected sexual harassment, RollOnFriday understands.

The partner, who works in the firm's London real estate practice, has been, or is about to be, sent home, sources with knowledge of the matter said.

The nature of the allegations or stage of the firm's investigation is unclear. Repeated attempts to obtain comment for this story were stonewalled by Jones Day's extremely shy press team and John Phillips, its London Managing Partner. If you know more, write in.


There is no suggestion that David Hasselhoff is involved.

Jones Day is facing down something of a MeToo crisis. It is currently being sued by a growing number of female current and former Jones Day lawyers for gender and pregnancy discrimination. Three more lawyers joined the class action lawsuit in June.

The claimants described how Jones Day’s "fraternity culture" led to women being passed over for promotion in favour of mediocre men, and how they were treated like "sex objects". Social events devolved into opportunities "to harass and humiliate female attorneys", they said. 

Jones Day has denied the class action claims. But, even if it is taking accusations in London seriously, it doesn't look great if the firm has decided that one partner, at least, is actually sexually harassing staff. It is not the first time the London office has been connected with toxic locker room talk.


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Years ago I worked for another law firm where a partner was dismissed for the same accusations that were proved completely unfounded.  I know I am going to get backlash but the accuser then was a timid mouse who misinterpreted him but managed to destroy his career and credibility.   You work in a fast paced commercial institution, people will say misappropriate things because they are concentrating on their clients and deals.  No law firm I have ever worked in is any different.  With all the good intentions in the world and I don't know the whole circumstances the accuser should man up.  Also who says that the partner in question is male?

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I used to work there and I'm sure I know who it is but when you have the HR admin actively laugh and join in the harassment, you have no chance of being heard let alone getting "justice". Toxic fuckers. (pun intended)