A finance lawyer has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram with her striking photos.

Until recently, Linda Lu worked as an associate at the London office of Pillsbury. Before her stint there, she also worked at Cadwalader and Fried Frank.

But parallel to her bluechip legal career, the solicitor has cultivated a following on Instagram where she posts about her luxury lifestyle as xlindalux. Over 332,000 people subscribe to Lu's feed and hundreds praise each of her posts, which see Lu posing in five star hotels, exotic beach resorts, cordon bleu restaurants and exclusive clubs, or unboxing designer handbags.


"How do you get ur clavicle bones so beautiful" SERIAL KILLER CLAXON

Before becoming 'Skinny Queen', as dedicated followers have dubbed her, Lu posted photos of herself at the London Legal walk and in the lobby of Slaughter and May's office. But they garnered only a few hundred 'likes'.


An early outing to Bunhill Row did middling business.

However, when she started publishing snaps of herself in cocktail dresses, swimsuits and lingerie, her following took off.


Relaxing with some abs.

Popularity has come at a price, though, with critics accusing her of touching up her photos to alarming effect. "She's pretty, but her face scares me bc it doesn't look real", wrote one commenter. When Lu posted that she wasn't looking for external validation, a follower asked if that wasn't "mutually exclusive from photoshopping IG posts?" "I don't enjoy interacting with less sophisticated people", replied Lu, "but I will excuse your less polite and not very emotionally intelligent way of telling me I look perfect".

At least her former firms have never objected to her subject matter, Lu told RollOnFriday, although she was worried initially. "When I was a trainee I closed my social media accounts down and just focused on work. But I was happier as a person when I was allowed to express myself".

And firms don't mind what she posts as long as it isn't politically incorrect, she said. "Lawyers on social media represent a risk, but it’s a trust thing - it’s earned", said Lu. "They relaxed and let me get on with it".


She should really stay on both feet as there's no mat.

Lu suggested employers' attitudes to social media were changing. "Firms and other companies are realising that if you want to attract the top talent, you need to let them have a life outside of work", she said. "Lawyers are still human."

blew through

Lu has "sailed through three Wall Street firms to date."

Her Instagram profile states simply "Finance Lawyer", and she credits her profession as one of the reasons her account took off. "I think people are interested in the fact that I am also a lawyer", she said. Despite that, her working life does not make an appearance. "I need to keep followers entertained. Putting a photo of me sitting at a desk reading documents isn’t going to attract a lot of likes".

"Instagram allows you to emphasise part of your character - it shows part of me, not all of me", she said. "I make packed lunches for work, but I don’t post that." Instead, Lu presents a diva-like persona on the platform. "If they knew behind that pretty, cute and sweet facade is a savage, aggressive and psychotic bitch...they would love me even more", she posted. "The thing about chaos", she explained in another post, "is that while it disturbs us, it too, forces our hearts to roar in a way we secretly find magnificent".


Lu, reaching for berries maybe.

Lu has not yet been paid to endorse products on her feed. She said she was joining a new firm shortly, and would need to obtain its consent. Also, "I'd only ever be interested in being associated with high quality brands".


Some of the requests she receives are...strange.

In the meantime, Lu intends to grow her following "and see what happens", while prioritising her day job. As for any other solicitors wondering if they could become law's answer to a Kardashian, Lu warned, "What works for me may not work for everyone. What my followers want to see may not be what another’s followers want".


This get-up wouldn't work for every lawyer, apparently.

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