Taylor Wessing has revealed that 13% of its support-staff positions in London are at risk.

Sources told RollOnFriday that 50 staff would be made redundant. However, a Taylor Wessing spokeswoman said that the firm is planning to cut a total of 34 out of the 270 business services roles in the City by the end of 2020. The cull will affect most support-staff departments including business development, finance, talent and IT.

The announcement was made after Taylor Wessing analysed the "effectiveness" of its business services operations. The review concluded that the firm is set to slash 34 business support staff roles in London. However, it is also planning to create 35 new roles across legal and business services in the firm's Liverpool office*. 

London support staff show they can adapt. How it might look


The redundancy consultation for the London positions is set to start next week. The firm's managing partner Shane Gleghorn told RollOnFriday that the review came "with challenging decisions that have not been taken lightly" but added that "the new model will allow us to support our clients and grow our business". 

* The firm's Liverpool office launched in October 2018. Top tips to those London staff who may be relocated and are unfamiliar with Liverpool. Always mention Boris Johnson at every opportunity, preferably with a copy of The Sun tucked under your arm.


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Dearie 01 February 19 10:34

ah yes everything must be blamed on brexit - naught brexit! 


Nothing whatsoever to do with a competitive market, changes in workforce operations and of course ensuring the drones line the partners pockets.

Anonymous 01 February 19 10:39

To be fair to TW’s partners, it’s not Brexit causing this.  It’s just their greed.  Liverpool is cheaper than London for people and property and the firm’s doing well, it’s just that they want to continue to be “considerably richer than yew”, and screw the longstanding loyal employees with lives in London who don’t want to move to the other end of the country to work for a firm that has shown it doesn’t give a shit about them.

I love you Rollonfriday but the chirpy tone of your report is grating.  This is a real shock to those affected and those left behind in London wondering when it will be their turn.  


Anonymous 01 February 19 11:53

Dearie and Anon you are so far away from the truth its laughable.

ALL redundancies since 23/6/16 have been due to brexit!!

common sense is not common 05 February 19 12:19

Axing BD staff in a time where competition is really heating up? Destined to be a bottom feeder.

Anonymous 06 February 19 11:40

What happened to their Dubai MP? They are down to 3 partners in the whole office now I hear...