Lawyers for a People's Vote has been established, by InFacts and an informal association of lawyers, to support the calls for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal negotiated by the UK Government.  

Brexit is an epic constitutional change. We are therefore asking lawyers to sign our open letter urging Theresa May not to proceed with such a significant constitutional upheaval without further public consultation.

Our initial target is 1000 names by the meeting of the European Council on 18th October 2018.  We will then collect further signatures and hand the letter into Downing Street, but there's no limit.  The option to sign the letter will continue after it has been delivered. Please share this letter with your colleagues and other lawyers.  Its publication is embargoed until further notice, but please distribute it and encourage others to sign.

Our aim is for thousands of lawyers to sign the letter. The letter will be delivered to the Prime Minister at Downing Street.

The letter can be found here:

Signing is easy. All lawyers -  from practitioners to academics - are eligible to sign.

If thousands and thousands of lawyers sign from across the country, this will make the news and might make a difference.



Anonymous 26 October 18 09:29

I'm happy to sign this providing the Peoples Vote has the following option with regards to remaining in the EU:-

a) Reject Deal - leave EU (Hard Brexit)

b) Accept deal - leave EU

c) Stay in EU & dissolve Houses of Parliment to delegate powers up to European Parliament & European Commission.

Gobblepig 26 October 18 10:23

Gosh. Your aim is to have thousands of signatures. Good to have mediocre aims for a mediocre proposal.

SquashtheTosh 05 November 18 16:09

No self-respecting lawyer should sign such a dangerous anti-democratic letter.I loved the line about Parliamentary sovereignty meaning today's Parliament cannot bind tomorrow's. Oh really? - but  that's what they tried to do in 1972 when Parliament effectively abolished itself by directly enacting EU law into UK law.

Respect the original referendum result and grow up.


ye gads 14 November 18 13:31

PS - has anyone noticed you don't actually have to be a lawyer to sign it? so anyone can sign it under any name...

We the people 01 December 18 18:25

We had a people’s vote in 2016. What do the Remain Establishment want us to do? Keep voting until we get it right??

Ian Davis 07 January 19 18:53

These children should be ashamed of themselves. Why are they so anxious to be enslaved to Europe?

Anonymous 14 February 19 07:21

At the first referendum I was fully in favour of Leaving, why should Great Britain need to be part of Europe? We are a strong independent country and we know best. But I was nine years old at the time and I've grown up now.

It really is a shame that all the adults have left the room.


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