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NQ jobs dilemma
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Posted - 23 March 2016 09:37

I qualified as an NQ in March but I will effectively be jobless in 3 weeks from now as I will not be retained by my firm.

Having looked for jobs for the past month or so, I have come to terms with the fact that the NQ market is pretty dead at the moment and from speaking to various recruiters it looks like it may take some months for me to find the firm I want. I trained at a large not magic circle City firm so ideally I want to continue my career at a similar firm.

BUT I have just had the second round interview with a firm that is not that well known and specialises in an area of law that I am not interested into - I don't know what to do!!!

On one hand I obviously appreciate that the PQ years will be crucial for my future career prospects and that it is important for me to go to a good reputable City firm. However I cannot afford to be without a job for more than 2 months.

Shall I wait and hope to find the perfect job and firm for me. OR shall I take this job and then, if I want to change later on down the line do so?

I have also seen some interim/temporary positions with Lawyers on Demand, Axiom and so forth and I have found one 6 month assignment which is really interesting and relevant to what I want to do. But again, I don't want to be without a job in 6 months... and I have heard of horror stories of people who went back to doing paralegal doc reviews PQ because they couldn't find anything. Does anyone have experience with these temporary assignments? Are they a stigma on cv or good experience?

Help please!!

Posted - 22 June 2016 15:07
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A bit late, but I think you should take the job you can get in the legal field and just be proactive with looking for more jobs.
Worst to be stagnant and have gaps in your CV than to take a legal job (albeit not ideal) and move forward.

Hope this helps