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GDL/LPC grades with non-law BA
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Posted - 08 February 2016 15:57
How significant are the GDL grades when converting from a non-law career (say, advertising)? I'm presuming they still care dearly about the first BA and the grades. Any experiences?
Posted - 11 February 2016 16:47
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If you have considerable relevant other experience, your grades probably matter less. If it is a relatively short-lived career, you'll likely need much the same grades as any other applicant.
Posted - 27 February 2016 23:58
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Thanks funkymonkey (oh dear just saw I actually have a response). I do have a nice chunk of experience in advertising, dealing with clients and other transferable clutter. I just need to detract firms' attention from my rather useless BA (we all mistakes hey) and direct it to my MA, work experience, and the GDL. But all the application forms are so focused on the BA that I'm on the verge of deciding to do an LLB top-up after the GDL.
Posted - 28 February 2016 11:51
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If you are thinking of doing the "top up your LPC with a couple of essays" type LLB, I would see if you could check how this would be regarded by the firms to which you are considering submitting applications before you spent the money and time.

My gut feeling is that it it might not be considered the pinnacle of legal achievement.
Posted - 07 May 2016 10:35
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I don't think firms care at all about GDL and LPC grades. Most just require you to pass them (though a few ask for commendations). I did a lot worse on my GDL than my undergraduate degree and it wasn't held against me. Also, everyone does well on the LPC, so it doesn't realy make you stand out.

Really the undergraduate degree is the sifter, both in terms of degree classification and where you studied.
Posted - 05 July 2016 21:42
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Why is it that firms don't seem to care about your GDL grades? For the record, I'm pleased my UG classification carries more weight as I don't think I'm going to do as well on the GDL. It is so mind numbing regurgitating masses of information with zero room for creative thought and, only to forget it as soon as an exam has finished...

Ha, maybe I've answered my own question? I'd be interested in hearing someone's explanation for why the GDL is less important, and where exactly they heard this please?
Posted - 14 July 2016 13:34
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What you really need is a distinction in your LPC.

A GDL is a law degree crammed into 9 months - we are going to assume you don;t really know academic law as well as someone who has studied it for 3 years, even if you get a decent grade.

All applicants do the LPC though - it's more practical and a good recent benchmark for most candidates. The only thing is that as 95% pass, a bare pass is pretty much regarded as a fail. Commendation would be the minimum. A distinction is good.