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Vac scheme or straight to TC application?
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Posted - 20 January 2016 20:18
Hi all,

I'm currently doing the LPC self funded (I know, I know) after getting a 2:1 from UCL and I'm wondering whether people think it would be a good idea to apply for vac schemes as a way into TCs, or just apply straight for training contracts? There are a couple of firms I really like that recruit heavily from their vac schemers, but I'm not sure I like the uncertainty of waiting for the end of a vac scheme to know whether I'll get a TC, when this may stop me from accepting a TC offer if I get one elsewhere.

Any advice much appreciated
Posted - 21 January 2016 06:34
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Maximise your options and delay making a decision until you are actually faced with a dilemma: apply for the TC to places which don't rely heavily on the vac scheme, and apply for the vac scheme for the places which recruits heavily from it. Then seen what happens.

Bear in mind that a vac scheme is more than just a foot in the door, although it certainly can be useful in that regard - use it as an opportunity to assess as best you can whether you like the place enough to want to spend an awful lot of hours there.
Posted - 07 May 2016 10:44
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I wouldn't apply straight to TC unless you have some decent work experience. It's good to do at least one vac scheme. I got work experience in my GDL year (but no offer), and then I went straight for TC while self-funding the LPC and got an offer
Posted - 09 May 2016 23:40
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To be honest, I don't see any real reason why you can't go straight to TC.