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Posted - 09 December 2015 10:50

I would like to have your opinion about my profile and my chances to get an training contract in UK or anywhere else except France.

- Since kindergarden until highschool, I was at the Lycee Francais de Prague (French lycee) where I learned perfectly Czech, French, English. Other languages: Arabic, Mongolian and Spanish.
- Bachelor in Law in Montpellier, France. Everything was taught in French and mainly focused on French Law and Euopean Law.
- Just graduated from a LL.M. Globalization and Law at Maastricht University, taught entirely in English. Main subjects: Compared Corporate Law, International Commercial Law, Corporate Governance, International Law, International Dispute Settlement, etc.
- Currently I am doing an internship in Prague and from January in France for three months.

And here is my dilemma: I want to do another Master and then pass my bar exam.
But I also want to do a traineeship. So is there a chance getting a TC only with one accomplished master or should I just start another master and try afterwards?

I hope to get as many opinions as possible,
Thanks in advance,

Posted - 10 December 2015 13:47
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Your English isn't perfect

Furthermore, you don't need an LLM or Masters to apply (or obtain) a training contract.
Posted - 11 December 2015 18:22
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Are you talking about a tc in the UK? You need a qualifying law degree or the GDL, to get yourself on the LPC. You need to do the LPC before a tc though ideally not before securing said tc. I'm not sure but I don't think your French law degree will count as a qualifying law degree. Your masters certainly won't. The Law Society and/or SRA and/or any number of LPC providers will be able to tell you.

Are you really sure you want to do another masters AND a tc (which definitely means doing the LPC and might mean first doing a GDL) AND the bar exam? Honest truth is that package is unlikely to make you an attractive candidate for a tc and probably not for pupillage in England/Wales - not unless you put a few years in as a qualified solicitor (If by bar exam you mean something in Czech Republic or France and you're not looking for pupillage here then, obviously, that last comment is irrelevant).It will also cost a fortune.
Posted - 11 December 2015 18:28
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Ignore my opening q. You had already said.