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Clinical Negligence
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Posted - 07 September 2015 16:20
Is this a good area of law to go into (in terms of financial rewards) or has the impact of the Jackson reforms meant lower pay for lawyers in this area?

As someone who once had an interest in criminal law, I want to make sure that this area that I am considering it not one that is going to suffer the same fate.

It seems from my research there are a lot of roles around in the region of 50-60k. Is there much chance of making more than this?

Any advice appreciated.
Posted - 10 September 2015 22:37
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What branch of the profession do you want to go into - solicitor or barrister?

When you are looking at "roles around in the region of 50-60k" how long into your career are you contemplating making this kind of money?

These are both questions that people more knowledgeable than me will need to know the answer to before they can meaningfully answer your question.

If you want to get a rough idea of pay for solicitors - look at the legal 500 page for top ranked clin neg defendant firms:

and claimant firms:

C ross-ref what you see there with rollonfriday's salary page. Also note that almost all of these firms have broad practices so if you do a TC at any of them you will not be restricted to clin neg.