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Working in Spain
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Posted - 21 August 2015 17:48

I have a few questions that hopefully might have some experience on.

I'd like to work in Spain in the future. The only firms with offices there are magic circle and the types of lawyers they are looking for are corporate. I'm in quite a niche area at the moment (but a good firm) so it seems I would need to change area and then apply.

Does anyone have any experience of doing this? How easy is it to get in to relevant areas at say 5pqe? Or are there other routes to working there? And is the work ethos and hours the same there as in London?

Gagarin's Boot
Posted - 22 August 2015 22:08
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It's a sinking ship mate, don't even bother. London or bust.
Posted - 17 September 2015 17:03
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I know for a fact (because I have instructed them) the HogLov have an office in Madrid.

Former CC managing partner Peter Cornell spent the most important chunk of his career there too. That was before it hit the rocks though.
Posted - 18 September 2015 10:08
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White & Case have a Madrid office too (although I guess from your post that you're looking at something on a more Silver Circle level?).
Posted - 26 November 2015 18:46
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I see this was posted ages ago, but in case the OP is still about; I've worked in a couple of large firms in Spain in support roles (not in practice).

It's true that there are very few English qualified solicitors there (I'm assuming you are one), even in the offices of UK and US firms.

I suggest you look at the profiles of lawyers on firm websites to get a feel for this and see if there's anyone in your practice area who's made it. You are likely to see the few that are there work in corporate/M&A/banking/capital markets, and yes, are MC or similar (possibly having first come on secondment rather than as a lateral hire). You will also need excellent Spanish.

I've never worked in London but my impression is that 10-12 hour days are roughly the norm, with peaks and troughs.