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Heard back?
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Posted - 14 August 2015 11:24
Anyone heard back from Bircham Dyson Bell, Wedlake Bell and Irwin Mitchell yet?
Horace Rumpole
Posted - 16 August 2015 23:12
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no. then again i have never applied to them
Posted - 17 August 2015 12:13
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I have also applied to Wedlake Bell and haven't heard back yet either. Hopefully by the end of the week?
Posted - 18 August 2015 14:29
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Yeah, I just reckon it's bad news haha as I surely they'll be running their assessment centres very soon.

Posted - 27 August 2015 12:14
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Still no news, reckon its a no as they state they will only get in touch if selected for interview. No generic rejection email