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College of Law royally buggers up its results
14 May 2010
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There was chaos at the College of Law yesterday morning when LPC students were unable to get their results after the server crashed. Again.

Students were told they could access their results - on which their training contracts depend - at 9am. Hours later the system was still down. Students who contacted the College in a panic were told that "we know how important the results are to you" and advised that they could pick them up by hand at the assessments desks later in the day. Yup. 500+ students queuing in a tiny corridor. One said that students were faced with a "mob between them and the tiny assessments office desk". Another ruefully pointed out that "it's not like we've waited two and half months for the results and paid ten grand for this year. Oh no, wait, we have."

    Once again, a guide for the College of Law 

Dozens of students wrote in to RollOnFriday to complain. For which they can expect a rap on the knuckles. When RollOnFriday reported a cock up in the College's criminal law exam, the students received what's been described as a "very, very aggressive and rude email from a staff member telling us how we should not go to the press as it damages their reputation".

A spokeswoman for the College said that they were very sorry for the delay and that the results were up by 1pm. She added that the email warning students not to contact the press was sent by a tutor in a personal capacity and was not sanctioned by the College.


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