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Leading Singaporean lawyer blames abortion for SARS
08 May 2009
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Dr Thio Su Mien is the founding partner of TSMP Law Corporation and the first female dean of the law faculty at the National University of Singapore. Which are quite staggering achievements for someone who appears to be one card short of a full deck. After the outbreak of SARS, Dr Thio said that she and her colleagues prayed for forgiveness and repented for their nation's sins - and as a direct consequence Singapore managed to avoid the tsunami.

Dr Thio, who refers to herself as a "feminist mentor", also hit the headlines for attempting to take over AWARE, the Singapore womens' rights organisation, and replace its committee with members of her church. The attempted coup failed last weekend, with the bruised Dr Thio complaining that AWARE's sex education classes for schoolchildren would result in "a generation of lesbians".


Dr Thio warily eyes up a homosexual

Click here for an amusing / sad youtube video of her being shouted down at the EGM.


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