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Law student launches legal research iPhone app
09 April 2010
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A College of Law LPC student has just launched an "iPhone" application which enables users to access the current text of all UK legislation.

Timothy Leigh has spent three months of his spare time developing the app, which is called iLegal Legislation. It was officially launched this week, and is available now for the iPhone* and iPod Touch as well as the new iPad and iPants. 

The app currently costs £20, and will apparently go up to £40 in May, but Leigh has given five free copies to RollOnFriday. RollOnFriday users keen to have UK legislation in their iPockets can click here to enter the competition for a freebie, or here just to buy the thing.

  Timothy Leigh developing an app yesterday 

Leigh read Law and Management studies at Leeds, and is currently looking for a training contract. Any firms out there interested in someone more entrepreneurial than the average student can email him:

*RollOnFriday understands that an iPhone is a pocket calculator style mobile telephoning device.



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anonymous user
14/10/2011 12:05
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From a software perspective I think that this new App will be a great device for the legal profession. I can't wait to see what else the company decides to produce for the legal sector. Our from our software at perspective at I would be interested in receiveing further updates.


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