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Bates Wells lawyer is Snoop Dogg's main man - and other stories
12 March 2010
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  American rapper Snoop Dogg has won his immigration battle, thanks to his lawyer, Phillip Trott of Bates Wells & Braithwaite. Trott has also represented 50 Cent, P Diddy and Busta Rhymes.
  A Mexican judge has been sacked after ordering that a 13-year-old graffiti artist should have his bum spray painted.
  A Florida woman is facing up to a year in jail after causing a car crash by shaving her lady garden whilst at the wheel of her car.
  A man has been convicted of duping his twin brother's girlfriend into having sex with him by pretending to be his sibling. He's appealing on the grounds that during the act he stopped and "moved his face into a shaft of light that came from under the bedroom door" so she could see it was him. Sounds like something Deirdre Dare would write.
According to the website, a legal advisor to the country's new pension scheme is none other than The Backstreet Boys very own Nick Carter.
Congratulations to Linklaters associate Johanne Joseph, who has won last week's competition to bend the ear of Freshfields associate and novelist Jonathan Lee.
Samuel Davies, trainee at Rooks Rider Solicitors, is taking part in this year's London marathon, with a target time of an impressive 3 hours 30 minutes. He's raising money for the Nicaraguan Solidarity Campaign and if you'd like to throw him a couple of quid please click here.
And finally, it appears the writers of the current Cambridgeshire & District Law Society's newsletter have it in for Mike Williams. Check out the blue highlighted letters on the left:


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