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Launch of RollOnFriday Community Action
10 July 2009
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RollOnFriday has launched an initiative to help solicitors who have lost their jobs, in partnership with the Law Society, LawWorks and 25 leading international law firms. Participants can continue to practise as lawyers while helping their community – and be at the front of the queue when firms start recruiting again.

LawWorks will arrange for participating lawyers to work for charities, local communities and law centres, with the necessary insurance and training provided for free. Remarkably the Law Society has agreed to provide free practising certificates for participants - it will foot the bill for the first 100, and will consider paying for more if they're all snapped up.


What's more, Allen & Overy, Eversheds, LovellsNabarro, Simmons & SimmonsTLT, Travers Smith, Vodafone, White & Case, Withers and Wragges have all offered guaranteed interviews to any applicants who apply for an appropriate vacancy as long as they have completed a certain number of pro bono hours. And all the other firms below have pledged to support the scheme by giving extra weighting to applications from participating lawyers.












Participants can do as many or as few hours as they wish. In return for some genuinely useful work, they get to remain in practise, keep their CPD hours up - and may get a job out of it when business picks up again.


Lawyers who wish to take part should register on the LawWorks website.



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anonymous user
03/07/2013 08:24
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It sounds as a very good initiative by RollOnFriday. This will not only motivate the lawyers who have lost their job to continue their profession but will also be highly beneficial for the society.

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