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Exclusive: Associate sued NRF for injury caused by partner bullying
02 December 2016
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A former Norton Rose Fulbright associate sued the firm and a partner for personal injuries and other losses that she claimed were caused by bullying.

Juliana Ismail, a former NRF real estate litigation associate in London, brought the action against former NRF partner Charlotte Bijlani and the firm. Bijlani was a NRF partner in London at the time of the alleged bullying in 2013, but relocated to the firm's Dubai office in 2014.

Ismail issued the claim in April this year at London's High Court, the same month that Bijlani left NRF Dubai, before joining Baker & McKenzie Dubai in May. Ismail appears to have left the firm in June.

Ismail states in the claim form that Bijlani directed "a course of deliberate and concerted bullying" at her, for which NRF was vicariously liable. Ismail sought £50,000 in "damages for personal injuries and loss" claiming she was rendered "unable to perform the duties of her employment by May 2013".

On an entirely separate note, Bijlani happens to be an expert at karate.    

  RollOnFriday has no argument with Charlotte
A spokeswoman for NRF told RollOnFriday "The legal proceedings have been concluded on mutually acceptable terms. The terms are confidential between the parties".  A spokesman for Baker & McKenzie declined to comment.


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