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Lawyer becomes head of Kiwi Freemasons
25 November 2016
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A lawyer has been appointed as the head of the Freemasons in New Zealand.

Mark Winger ascended to the position of Grand Master after 40 years of standing on one leg while praying to a pair of compasses and spanking a hamster. When he's not been mastering the Masonic ritual, Winger is the Senior Partner of Holmden Horrocks, one of Auckland's oldest firms. Winger will serve a three year term as the 66th head of the Kiwi Freemasons, with over 1,000 members and their lucky lady wives estimated to have attended a ceremony last weekend to witness his 'Grand Installation'.

Winger joined the male-only club, which has been criticised as an old boy's network in which members perform favours for one another on the strength of a secret handshake, in 1975. Numbers have been dropping for decades, from around 40,000 in New Zealand in the 1940s to 7,000 today.

    Yes, this will bring in the kids

John Litton, Winger's predecessor, said on his appointment in 2013 that he hoped to make freemasonry appeal to the younger generation. He said it was now mostly concerned with benevolent projects, saying that "Just recently we provided the Chair of Neurology at Aukland University with a large grant". It is not known whether the academic was also a Freemason. 


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