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Exclusive: Lawyer moonlights as YouTube sensation
18 November 2016
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A Birmingham lawyer is moonlighting as an entertainer on YouTube.

By day, Sham Uddin is a barrister working at his Hamstead Law Practice in Birmingham. But by night he hosts 'If You Don't Mind', a web show aimed at a British-Bangladeshi audience and fans of awkward comedy and canned laughter.

Accurately described as "A special comedy show", IYDM features Uddin hosting and also playing various characters who catch members of the public unawares. The effect of his pranks is slightly undercut by the fact that everyone is clearly in on the joke. 

    Sham Uddin


Asked whether any of his legal skills served him as a showman, Uddin told RollOnFriday, "Confidence, communication and character is needed in both roles". And wigs.

  Donald Trump Impersonator of the Year

Uddin told ROF, "In the show I play a number of roles. Inspector Salman Shah - a Bangladeshi police officer, Nani – Grandmother, Chef Bulbul – Bangladeshi Chef, Moyna Miah - owner of a saree shop, Baul Bob – a folk singer from Bangladesh and Bobita Begum- a young Bangladeshi woman". 

Baul Bob is clearly a favourite, with a chunk of each show devoted to the odd Rasta character lip-synching Bangladeshi songs against a variety of glamorous backdrops.

  Where's Frank Underwood when you need him? 

     Feeling it

  "Mummy, what's-" "Shh, we'll go another way" 

He also appears as a Vegas version of himself:

  Don't actually try to dance here with a rifle

And, er:

  Holy mother of god

Uddin said he wouldn't quit the law for show business, because, "I enjoy running my own firm which I have been doing for nearly 12 years". 


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anonymous user
18/11/2016 08:28
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Kim Kardashian's let herself go.
18/11/2016 10:01
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Hehe. Looks quite funny. Loving the violinist caption.
18/11/2016 17:02
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Is that not an illegal picture inside the RCJ?