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Judge allegedly strikes lawyer with crutches at charity fundraiser
04 November 2016
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A district court judge in New Zealand has allegedly struck a lawyer with one of her crutches.

Judge Anna Johns, who was hobbling on crutches after hip surgery, attended a charity fundraiser, along with other judges and senior lawyers across Auckland's legal community.

According to a report in the New Zealand Herald the judge, who sits at the Manukau District Court, became embroiled in a heated debate with a young lawyer and proceeded to strike him with her crutches.

  How it might have looked

An unknown person has now made a complaint about the alleged incident to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner, who contacted the Chief District Court Judge.

A spokeswoman for the Chief District Court judge said that that Judge Johns "has been on sick leave since the complaint came to the attention of the Chief Judge."

The Manukau District Court did not respond to RollOnFriday's request for a comment.


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