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Defendant calls on Jurassic Park in desperate plea
02 September 2016
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A defendant in Hong Kong court proceedings is the winner of the RollOnFriday legal argument of the week for using fictitious events from the Jurassic Park movie to support her case.   

Cecilia Chui Woon-ho appeared in Tuen Mun Magistrates' Court charged with failing to keep her dangerous dogs under control. She was the owner of two Tibetan mastiff dogs that escaped from her property and savaged a neighbour. The victim required surgery after being mauled.

In court, Deputy magistrate Pang Leung-ting said the defendant failed to take reasonable measures to prevent the incident. The magistrate said Chui should have implemented safety precautions such as installing safety gates. In mitigation Chui said that even if she had installed electric gates, they may have failed to prevent the dogs from escaping because the system could be subject to hacker attacks or lightning. She added "even Jurassic Park had electric fences surrounding the dinosaurs but the dinosaurs still managed to get out and bite people".

Not in this case 

The court fined Chui HK$18,000 and ordered her dogs to be neutered. It is expected* that Chui will appeal the ruling on the basis that Frank Abagnale got to work for the government and E.T. escaped castration.

*But only by RollOnFriday


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