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Hogan Lovells lawyer carries Olympic flame
19 August 2016
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A Hogan Lovells associate from the firm’s Rio office was selected to carry the Olympic flame, making HogLovers across the globe prouder than Adam Peaty’s nan.

Corporate lawyer Caetano Altafin was one of the Brazilians chosen as a torch bearer, and ran with it through the streets of Rio on the day of the opening ceremony.  Rio Games chief Carlos Nuzman said that the torch procession brought “a message that can and will unite our dear Brazil, a country that is suffering much more than it deserves in its quest for a brighter future.” With that pressure heaped on Altafin, thankfully his flame-carrying skills were textbook as he ran without tripping over his laces, or accidentally lighting the head of any spectators. The day was also unmarred as John Inverdale was not at hand to request an interview.

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Altafin was chosen to be a torch bearer due to his sporting prowess, having taken on the challenge of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean last year.  Part of his motivation for that feat was to raise money for charity in memory of a childhood friend who passed away from bone cancer.

Altafin told RollOnFriday that the games have been “fantastic” with “a wonderful atmosphere” and highlighted the “interesting combination between the joy of Rio and its rhythms and the Olympic mood”. When asked about the mishap of the Olympic swimming pool turning green, Altafin explained that he believed the wrong combination of chemicals had been used and added, while channeling the philosophical spirit of Cantona, “Just like in the sea – small mistakes are often followed by big consequences."


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