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Judge in epic rant against barrister in court
29 July 2016
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An Australian judge has dished out an almighty bollocking to a lawyer in court.

Judge Mark Dean was presiding over a criminal trial in the Victorian County Court, during which he repeatedly berated barrister Benjamin Lindner of Isaacs Chambers, who was acting for the defence. In one of the exchanges, Dean said "you are unbelievable. Unbelievable." And it appears not in a good way, as Dean continued "I will use my description that I used yesterday. You are stupid". Dean went on "It is an embarrassment. Your conduct of this trial, and the ridiculous submissions you make, and points that have no substance."

The verbal put-downs continued later in the trial, as Dean said of Lindner's defence: "I have never seen such incompetence by introducing evidence in a trial which is evidence of the accused man's guilt". The defence reserved some vitriol for the defendants too calling them "pathetic drug addicts".

   Dean prepares the judgment

The matter before the court involved a case of armed robbery. One of the defendants, Michael Cook, launched an appeal against the conviction due to the behaviour of the judge. This week, the Court of Appeal described Dean's comments as "needlessly argumentative and rude". However, although the appeal judges were critical of Dean's conduct, they dismissed the appeal on the basis that there had not been a miscarriage of justice.


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