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Hong Kong lawyer in trouble for High Court selfie
20 May 2016
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A selfie-obsessed Hong Kong lawyer has landed in hot water for taking a photo of himself in court.

Solicitor Junius Ho Kwan-yiu took the snap whilst attending the HK High Court for a client's bail application. He uploaded the picture to his public Facebook page with a caption supporting his client saying "Inside Court No.28 ... hang in there Uncle Pui". He was reported after member of court staff spotted him taking the photo. The police are now investigating whether Ho has broken the law, since the Summary Offences Ordinance forbids people taking photos in court. 

Ho, a former president of the Hong Kong Law Society and a budding politician, is no stranger to the art of the selfie and frequently uploads a selection to his public Facebook page:
The shot that angered the court

  The shot that angered the chair of the meeting
  The shot that angered the man who came round to fix the pipes
  The shot that angered the neighbour who just wanted to eat his meal
  The shot that angered the politician addressing the delegates
  The shot that angered Man City fans
  The shot that angered the people who missed the goal
   The shot that angered David Bailey
The shot that angered the passenger in seat 47b

Ho says that the rules against photos in court were aimed at people who interrupted court proceedings, and that "anyone with a sane mind could see that the photograph I posted has absolutely nothing inappropriate" about it.


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20/05/2016 09:44
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His neighbour looks a bit like Jason Momoa, who I have a total man-crush on. At least, in his Stargate Atlantis and Aquaman incarnations, rather than Baywatch and GoT.
anonymous user
20/05/2016 19:33
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