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Exclusive: WFW partner allegedly sublet flat while claiming the rent
20 May 2016
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A Watson Farley & Williams partner in Singapore has allegedly been caught scamming the firm by subletting the apartment it rented for him.

The firm has been paying the aviation specialist's rent on a flat in the city-state for several years. But a source tells RollOnFriday that unbeknownst to the firm he's been secretly subletting it and "bunking with relatives" instead, earning a chunk of extra pocket money on the side. Apparently WFW recently found out about the ruse, but instead of booting him out for conning them blind they let him off "with only a slap on the wrist".

  A WFW partner raking it in, yesterday

A spokesman for the firm told RollOnFriday, "we have no comment other than the facts are not correct and any allegation of dishonesty is unfounded." Offered a chance to set the record straight by providing the 'correct' facts, mysteriously the firm declined.


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anonymous user
21/05/2016 12:39
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What a pathetic response. Realy, these lower mid-market firms sometimes let the side down very badly. Who needs them? What use are they? What kinds of idiots give them work?