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DLA Piper lawyer tries to find love on flight
08 April 2016
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A DLA Piper lawyer was helped by Air New Zealand to try and find a date during a flight.

Bianca Saldanha was on a flight from Queenstown to Auckland with friends, but was seated by herself. She had joked to her friends earlier that she wished there was in-flight Tinder* to find out who was single on the flight.

Unknown to Saldanha, her friends decided to hatch a plan with an air steward to find out if there were any willing suitors on board. And what could be a more romantic setting than a confined space with harsh lighting, plane food, and sick bags at the ready?

The air steward made the important announcement over the speakers that "Bianca is a beautiful and successful lawyer living in Auckland. If anyone is single and interested she is wearing pink and sitting in 5C." Although he stopped short of adding that there may be turbulence ahead.

The search got off to a bad start when the steward asked if anyone was married


The steward invited Saldanha to hand out lollies to check out potential suitors. However, because the events took place in real life rather than a Richard Curtis movie, Saldanha did not manage to find the love of her life. She remained upbeat and praised the airline saying it was the "most fun" she's had on a flight. 

* Other dating apps are available


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anonymous user
16/08/2017 08:43
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That's good air service. I don't think they do that anymore...