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Former King & Wood Mallesons lawyer quits job to make tiny furniture
11 March 2016
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Emily Boutard from Melbourne, Australia quit her job as a corporate lawyer to create minuscule houses and furniture. 

Boutard joins the long list of lawyers who have traded in time-sheets to pursue a dream of setting up their own business. Some have pursued their love of cats, others alcohol, whilst one looked to a potty for their future. However, Boutard left King & Wood Mallesons to carve out (RoF apologises) a career making miniature furniture and architecture by hand. She has effectively swapped a career of being obsessed with the minutiae, in favour of a career of being obsessed with the minutiae. Many of her pieces are 24 times smaller than the original. Whilst this renders the chairs useless to sit on, the level of detail is impressive.

The entrepreneur has settled into her new job whilst not completely abandoning legal work as she teaches law at a university and works part-time for a law startup from home. In order to sell the small furniture, she has recently set up a website, much of which features a bemused cat modelling the works of art, naturally.


The new litter tray was causing problems



The mice suspected that the home was too good to be true



To accompany a sad song for lawyers burning the midnight oil

Boutard says that the pieces can take several days of work to complete, adding that boredom persistence is something she "learnt in law school". 


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