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Bonkers lawyer's vanity publishing of the week
22 January 2016
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A lawyer from Queensland, Australia has mistaken himself for Kim Kardashian on social media.

Andrew Wiseman, a traffic lawyer at eponymous firm Wiseman lawyers, set up an Instagram page to collect thousands of "likes" by featuring content similar to that posted by celebrities: selfies, captioned memes, pugs and topless workouts. The only problem is that he is a traffic lawyer from Queensland.

  Breaking the internet
  Breaking beard

Who doesn't want a lawyer's sweaty back and arse appearing in their feed.


F*** the police report (Exhibit A in the court bundle).


Wiseman Lawyers also has a dabble at that addictive internet candy, the meme.


  In Wiseman's mind

In everyone else's

Even though Wiseman borrows ideas liberally from others on Instagram, he does carve out one original niche:


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