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KWM lawyer quits firm to set up hangover clinic
15 January 2016
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Max Petro, a former corporate lawyer at King & Wood Mallisons, has quit the firm to co-found a hangover clinic in Sydney, Australia. Petro set up the company in order to solve that age-old problem: how to get out of a career in law function on a hangover.

The hangover clinic doesn't offer customers the traditional cure of a greasy fry up, paracetamol, and somewhere to quietly vom. Instead, those who have had a skinful the night before are treated to IV drips, oxygen and vitamin cocktails in a quasi-medical centre. The clinic's premium "Resurrection package" of antioxidants and medication costs AUS$200. For that price, Petro claims that in less than 30 minutes the clinic will have customers "off the couch feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day ahead". Or just fall off the wagon again.

A networking opportunity for Petro

Petro first thought of the idea during a stint as a ski instructor several years ago. Back then, he witnessed ski patrol paramedics using IV drips and oxygen after a night out so they could hit the slopes the next day without wobbling off a black run. 

However, the ex-lawyer may find it difficult persuading some punters with brewer's flu through the door. The clinic has come in for criticism from the Australian Medical Association this week. AMA Vice-president Stephen Parnis said the treatment offered by the clinic had no evidential basis of working and at worse could "cause harm to people, with unnecessary insertion of intravenous cannula".  Parnis also said that it might encourage binge drinking with people thinking they could "write themselves off".


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