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Gilbert + Tobin employs a voice coach for staff
28 October 2011
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Gilbert + Tobin has employed a voice specialist to help its lawyers learn to speak properly. Or to use technical parlance, "to empower themselves through speech".

G+T enlisted the service of voice coach extraordinaire, Lucy Cornell, to work with a group of Sydney-based associates, Lawyers Weekly reports. Cornell, whose client roster includes Freehills, Mallesons, Volvo and the University of Oxford, believes that voice "is a function of your entire energetic expression of you." And to help that energetic expression, she has been teaching G+T's lawyers yoga, breathing exercises and meditation.

    A G+T associate limbering up for a pitch yesterday

What with Baker & McKenzie organising for its staff to be hypnotised into performing well in presentations and G+T staff indulging in a spot of pre-pitch downward dog, the world's law firms look to be turning strangely new age.

Gilbert + Tobin was too busy trying to struggle into the lotus position to comment.


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