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Law firm releases sexy staff music video
21 October 2011
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Jakarta law firm SSEK Associates has decided to unleash the creative talent of its lawyers on the world by posting a video on YouTube of staff lip-syncing to Young MC's 1989 rap song "Bust a Move".

Billed as a 'Hidden Talent Presentation' (which is no word of a lie) SSEK explains in its YouTube blurb that the video was made "just for fun", "is full of inside jokes" and was made especially for the auspicious occasion of its 19th anniversary. The full 4 minutes 30 seconds of video joy can be found below.

Highlights include the female lawyer ripping off her headscarf to reveal a wig (controversial!), some innovative toilet cubicle dancing (sexy!), DJ Patience's finger-stabbing dance moves (not so sexy!) and the ladies' hands groping the rapper's polyester Adidas bomber jacket (just a bit odd really!). Watch on:

'Bust a Move' is an interesting song to cover and certainly deserves closer lyrical examination. Choice lines include:

A chick walks by, you wish you could sex her
But you're standin' on the wall like you was Poindexter


She thinks you're kinda cute so you wink back
And then you're feeling fine 'cos the girl is stacked

Still, enlightened lyrics aside, the video apparently went down very well with staff when it was unveiled on a big screen in the office. According to the firm: "Reaction was really good though we didn't win any of the awards ;p."


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