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Update: Minters ex finance chief accused of stealing $2.7m
14 October 2011
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More information is coming to light about Minter's former Chief Financial Officer and his alleged stealing spree from the firm. It's now reported to have been going on for 10 years during which a whopping $2.7 million disappeared.

Apprehended at the airport trying to renew his Thai visa, extradited to Adelaide and shoved before a court - the last fortnight has not been the greatest for Craig Raneberg. Minters' ex-CFO had been lying low in Thailand since his former firm reported him to the police earlier this year. Accused of raiding the firm's partnership accounts, the amounts involved have been a closely guarded secret as the firm won a legal battle in its civil case against Raneberg to keep this confidential.

It's only now that Raneberg has been put before the Adelaide Court that the extent of the alleged pilfering is now becoming clear. Prosecutor Lisa Stamper told the court that the alleged offences occurred "repetitively" over a decade and the "monies outstanding are $2.7m", according to a report in the Australian. Quite some departure from the $26k sum which has previously been bandied around.

  Minters' partnership account yesterday

Raneberg is facing a civil action in the South Australian Supreme Court from the 40 partners of Minters' Adelaide and Darwin offices, in addition to the criminal case in which he is facing six charges of dishonestly taking property without consent. And it looks like there's much more to come, as prosecutors have confirmed that they intend to lay another 203 charges at Raneberg's door. So watch this space.

Minters' Managing Partner said that events are "disappointing and regrettable" but stresses "it's important to know that client money was never in danger".



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