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Lavan Legal confirms its lawyers are real people
14 October 2011
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In a valiant attempt to confirm to clients that its lawyers are more than office drones, Lavan Legal has uploaded a series of video profiles entitled "Real People" which show its better looking lawyers indulging in their exciting hobbies.

Ordinarily a camcorder in the hands of a law firm can only mean bad things. So Lavan should be congratulated on the high production values and whizzy filmography of its mini videos. Not every partner is allowed a "Real People" video - presumably those who like train spotting or collecting stamps just didn't cut the mustard. Some merely have a "Real Solutions" video profile where they wang on about "pushing boundaries", "client care" and how "tax has always been my passion".

For those real enough to qualify for a "Real People" video, it's all about the action sports. Lawyers are shown catching waves in dappled sunlight with their impossibly picturesque sons, pumping iron in the gym whilst being yelled at by their personal trainer or standing proudly against the sail of a yacht as the sun sinks in the sky. All the while sporting Lavan branded sportswear (of course) and making clumsy comparisons between their hobby and life as a desk-bound lawyer. Sailing is all about "intellectual tactics" for Geoff Stevens, dirt biking in the bush gives Leigh Warnick space to think creatively about work, whilst doing squats in the gym allows partner Alison Robertson to "push through the desire to quit."

A selection of the best of Lavan's videos:

  Alison Robertson can now bench 85 court bundles 

Leigh Warnick doing his best Brokeback Mountain smoulder

  Geoff Stevens stands proudly at the bow of his ship in his Lavan Legal Leisure wear mulling over property-based financing 

Managing Partner Greg Gaunt just looks a tad sweaty 



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