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Marque Lawyers seeks summer clerks on Twitter
26 August 2011
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Marque Lawyers - the firm which prides itself on being a bit quirky - is launching a competition on Twitter to recruit for its summer clerkship scheme.

The rules for the social media campaign, dubbed "Twitterfest", seem pretty simple:

1. Wannabe clerks follow the firm on Twitter.
2. Marque will post a question a day between 29 August and 2 September.
3. Applicants tweet responses.
4. Marque selects the six best responses per day and the final 30 will be invited to submit applications for the clerkship.


A prospective Marque applicant trying to think up a witty tweet yesterday

What the calibre - not to mention legal credentials - of these Twitter applicants will be is anyone's guess, but at least it's another good shot of publicity for the firm not known for its shyness. Marque has in the past advertised for paralegals that the firm can "take turns torturing", corporate lawyers who wish to trade their "grey woollen existence for life in the Marque lane" and boasts a worryingly '90s obsession with the Spice Girls.

Still, at least the firm is honest about its motives for the kooky recruitment campaign, confessing that it's "a cynical ploy to pick up more Twitter followers".



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