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Slater & Gordon bashes its way into the big time with massive profit hike
19 August 2011
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Slater & Gordon has announced stellar financial results, the vindication of an aggressive policy of expansion and takeover which has seen the firm maintain a regular place in the legal headlines.

For the financial year ending 30 June 2011, the firm has announced on-track revenues of $182.3 million (an increase of 46.2%) and net profits of $27.9 million (up 40.9%). Which sounds impressive. However, RoF economists calculate that's a profit margin of only about 15%, which means there's still considerable room for improvement.

Slaters lawyers have had an exciting past few years, and it looks like the rollercoaster ride is set to continue. Back in 2007, the firm floated on the Australian stock exchange - one of the first firms in the world to do so. Within the past year, it has acquired Trilby Misso Lawyers & Keddies Lawyers. In the months ahead there are plans to open in Werribee, Warranambool and Toowoomba. And there have even been suggestions of a move to London. Bullish managing director Andrew Grech stroked his crystal ball and said "we are well advanced in our plans to maximise...growth opportunities".

    Just a normal day in the office at Slater & Gordon

RollOnFriday undercover investigators can reveal, following a detailed forensic analysis on Wikipedia, that over the past decade Slaters has merged, taken-over or otherwise subsumed firms including [deep breath]: Reid & Reid Solicitors, Maurice May Lawyers, Gary Robb & Associates, Geoffrey Edwards & Co, Paul Keady & Associates, Blessington Judd, Richards Lawyers, D'Arcys Solicitors, McClellands Lawyers, Secombs Solicitors, John Micallef & Co, McGlades Personal Injury Law, Long Howland Lawyers, Kenyons Lawyers, Stewart & Noble Lawyers and Adams Leyland Lawyers.

Which begs the question - is there anyone who hasn't merged with them yet?


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