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Minters lawyer scoops big justice award
05 August 2011
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Props go to Minter Ellison's corporate group partner Josh Simon, who has picked up the prestigious Law Society of South Australia's Justice Award.

Adelaide-based Simons scooped the award - which recognises lawyers' contributions to access to justice - for his role in setting up a free clinic to assist homeless and marginalised Australians. The clinic, which opened its doors in July 2006, is run by the Welfare Rights Centre and is staffed by volunteer lawyers. It has managed to help over 2,000 clients since its inception, according to a Lawyers Weekly report.

  Simons celebrating his award yesterday

Simon previously played a key role in getting state law changed to allow homeless people to register for the vote. And he's helped establish a financial advisory centre to provide budgeting and financial planning advice to the homeless and those at risk of homelessness.

The free clinic's first ever client, David Norman, explained "When you're homeless and unemployed you can be made to feel very small. When you've got legal representatives of this are no longer ignored".

So congratulations to Simon for making a dent in the popular image of money-grabbing, fat-cat lawyers.


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