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Allens' iPhone app "better than Angry Birds"
08 July 2011
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Allens Arthur Robinson has become the first major Australian law firm make an iPhone and iPad app with the launch of Phrase Buster.

The app is targeted at the student and graduate audience and involves unscrambling well known phrases. The user can choose from such thrilling categories as "Speeches" and "Law and Order" and must race against time to quickly assemble words floating down the screen into a famous phrase, before the words hit the bottom of the screen. The user can pause the game to ask for a clue, but only at the cost of a time penalty. And there's a twist. Sometimes a bogus word will slip in, throwing the gamer off course.

In case there are any concerns that this doesn't sound much connected to law, don't fear. The app also provides some handy Allens information and a link to the website. The firm's interwebs maestro, David Bradbury said that the idea behind the app was to "engage with the graduate market in a fun, unusual and challenging way...Allens is committed to moving with the technological times."

    Not being as good as Phrase Buster, yesterday

So how has this attempt to become truly web 2.0 gone down? Well according to the five reviews on iTunes it's "good fun" with some "quite challenging phrases". One adds rather over-excitedly that it's "so much better than Angry Birds". Hmmm. That would be the same Angry Birds that has been downloaded over 250 million times and is pretty much the most successful app ever. Only one reviewer bucked the positive trend: "just about the lamest most boring game I've played."

If you fancy finding out for yourself just how good the app is, it can be downloaded here (although it's currently only available in Australia). Let is know if you too think it's better than Angry Birds at the usual address.



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