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Glamorous solicitor mixes lawyering with modelling
27 May 2011
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For her 9 to 5, Lyndal Yaqub toils away as an associate at Auckland firm Law & Associates, specialising in litigation and employment law. But for the rest of the time, Yaqub has a lucrative side-line as a model.

Law is not a profession known for its loveliness - it only takes a hop over to RollOnFriday's Glamorous Solicitor section to see that there are few RPattz doppelgangers or Penelope Cruz-a-likes. But maybe things are different over in New Zealand, where Yaqub manages to juggle a burgeoning legal career - she qualified as a barrister and solicitor in 2005 - with a side-line in modelling with Scout International Models.

  Staring down the other side yesterday

Yaqub started modelling in her early 20s. And whilst at first blush there seems to be a world of difference between the dry old world of lawyering and the glitz of modelling, she reckons there are clear similarities. "Litigation is about having a thick skin, being persuasive, and achieving positive results for your clients - as is modelling". And her employers have been generous enough to let her take time off for shoots on location or overseas.

Whilst she thinks of herself first and foremost as a lawyer, Yaqub explains "I continue to accept modelling assignments as I love to keep busy and it is a great way for me to inject some glamour into my life as a lawyer!"

    Injecting some glamour yesterday



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