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Aussie lawyers say they're miserable in their jobs
15 April 2011
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A poll has revealed that 58% of lawyers are unhappy with their jobs.

Almost 300 lawyers were included in the Lawyers Weekly survey, which asked a series of such probing questions as "do you think your job is pretty ordinary?". And 17% of respondents considered that their jobs were pretty mundane and confessed they were wondering if there might be something better out there. A further 16% said they "really don't like" their jobs and were looking at alternatives. Most depressingly, however, was the quarter of all respondents who admitted that they are desperate to escape their current jobs.

  A lawyer contemplating whether there might be a better job yesterday.

But at least there is a solid 42% which seems to be having quite a jolly time at work. Of this proportion, 8% of respondents got a little over-excited, trilling that they have "the best job ever". The remainder was a bit more circumspect, claiming that they are "comfortable" in their current jobs. Not a ringing endorsement but it certainly beats a burning desire to run for the doors.

How are things at your shop? Click here to let us know if your job makes you want to dance for joy or throw in the towel (maybe to fulfil childhood dreams of racing cars).



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