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Survey: lawyers less trustworthy than accountants
01 April 2011
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According to a MSI Global Alliance survey of Australian and New Zealand business owners, most would trust their accountant over their lawyer when it comes to advice on business, banking and personal finance.

The survey asked 600 Australian and 240 New Zealand businesses whether they would prefer to receive advice from a lawyer, accountant, banker, business coach or financial planner. There were no other choices, so bad luck to life coaches, psychics and other svengalis.

The results showed that businesses overwhelmingly felt that their bean counters were the most trustworthy, according to a report in ALB. The accountants came top for general business advice (64%), advice on business strategy (38%), and, unsurprisingly, advising on personal tax structures (90%).

    An accountant being trustworthy yesterday

But lawyers were not completely shunned. They were rated more trustworthy than bankers when it comes to advising on business finance and retirement planning. Which, given general attitudes to the banks at the moment, is not saying much.

Lawyers were criticised in particular for high fees, a passive approach and an inability to express themselves clearly.
However no one felt they should offer tax advice through the medium of a six verse gut-wrenching humorous parody of John Lennon's "Imagine" (as hot-shot British accountant Steve Theaker chose to do).



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