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Legal trailblazer to get her face on a stamp
28 January 2011
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Leading female lawyer, Elizabeth Evatt, is to be immortalised in stamp form by Australia Post as part of its "Australian legends" series.

Evatt has been a big deal in family law in Australia for decades and as a reward for her contributions her face will now be beaming up from envelopes the country over. The "Australian Legends Award", timed to coincide with Wednesday's Australia Day, is intended to recognise indviduals' achievement in different fields. Evatt is being lauded for her efforts in respect of women's rights.

  Elizabeth Evatt looking like a legend yesterday

And she has a pretty impressive pedigree. Evatt was the first Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia, the first woman to win the Sydney University Law medal, the first woman to preside over an Australian federal court and the 77 year old has dedicated her life to championing women’s rights.

She said, "I hope that [the award] will increase people's knowledge and understanding of women's fight for equality over the years. I think those of us involved in it would like to feel that we represent a whole larger group of women who have been in the same battle."

Evatt is joined by three other Australian trailblazers in receiving the awards. Writer and activist Eva Cox, feminist academic and writer Germaine Greer and Anne Summers - the journalist, author and founder of the first Australian women's refuge (rather than the, err, adult retailer).

Previous Australians to receive the award include Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Sir Donald Bradman and Geoffrey Rush.


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