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Survey concludes lawyers are addicted to work
28 January 2011
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A legal survey has revealed that 12% of lawyers have done something they regret at the office Christmas party. Only 12%?

The survey, conducted by recruiter Two Steps, was completed by over 500 lawyers and legal professionals who were asked about their working practices, according to a report in Lawyers Weekly. And it seems the one thing that lawyers can’t live without is their mobile phone. Addicted to BlackBerrys and iPhones, 50% of respondents indicated life would be brought to a grinding halt if their mobile devices disappeared. And the same percentage admitted to checking work emails on Christmas day. Well, there can be that rather dull mid-afternoon lull in proceedings.

    Lawyers desperate to check their work emails yesterday 

The survey also kicked up some other findings of varying levels of interest. 25% of those surveyed found time to indulge in online shopping inbetween working on client files. More interestingly - but possibly equally unsurprisingly - 12% of respondents confessed to have done something they’d rather forget at the staff Christmas party. Unfortunately further details are not supplied - although one hopes it's more interesting than checking their BlackBerrys over the turkey dinner.


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