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Queensland floods disaster - lawyers to help in the aftermath
21 January 2011
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Law firms have been helping with the clean up efforts of the Queensland floods, and there are plans to offer pro bono advice to the many vicitims who will need help to rebuild their lives.

Allens has already made a public commitment to assist with the recovery effort. Erin Feros, a partner in the firm's Brisbane office, said "as the recovery process progresses we'll be sitting down to discuss how we can continue to assist the rebuilding effort through fundraising, volunteering and pro bono work".

This was echoed by Michael Klug, Clayton Utz's Brisbane Managing partner, who has said that all law firms should prepare themselves for an onslaught of pro bono work. Details of what will be required may not be clear until the waters recede, but anyone wanting to volunteer to help in the meantime should register at

    Flooding devastates Brisbane

Inevitably, law firms themselves were hit by the floods along with everyone else. Flooding at the Riverside Centre - home to both Blake Dawson and Allens Arthur Robinson Brisbane offices - caused the firms to set up temporary gigs elsewhere in the city. Their respective offices are not due to open until either next week or the week after, according to an ALB report. A spokeswoman for Allens said that the firm had in place “counselling services, hotlines, SMS update services and compassionate leave policies so that our staff, families and friends can get back on track as quickly as possible.” 

With a peak nigh on that of the great flood of 1974, the Queensland floods have resulted in at least 18 deaths with more people still missing. According to the Courier Mail, at the flood’s peak in Brisbane 11,900 homes and 2,500 businesses were completely submerged, with tens of thousands more partially flooded.

The Queensland Government has launched a disaster relief appeal to help those affected by the devastation. Give what you can by clicking here.



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